Choosing the top 20 Wii games is a complicated task. With exclusives as powerful as the two Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime III, Donkey Kong Country Returns or the water-based ones, there is much and very good to select. Logically, some great games have been left out, and you may miss some, but… here’s our Wii top 20!

We selected the top 20 Wii games, twenty games that made use of the unique features of Wii, such as movement control of Wiimotes and nunchucks. Exclusive titles in most cases that, today, more than a decade after its launch, remain jewelry to consider.

So, if you want to know what Wii’s essential games are, those that if you have at home, you should keep as gold in cloth, you can’t miss this top with the best of the best of Wii.

On December 2, 2006, a small white machine called Wii debuted in Japan. Equipped with incredible technological capabilities adapted to the game system, it caused a revolution in the console panorama of desktop, and that technology was exhausted on the day of launch, the success that was replicated in other parts of the globe, including our country. A machine that distinguished itself by offering a new way of understanding the video game, or rather, a different way of experiencing it.

Its success was such that it did not take it long to surpass, in terms of sales, its predecessors, GameCube, achieving sales records along the way… today it is still the 5th most sold console in history, with 101 million units sold.

Its revolutionary wireless control command, the Wiimote, had a position and motion sensor, which “captured” the data of our gestures and grips (position, speed…) and applied them to the game in question, either to rattle, spank enemies or anything else you could think of.

The console also bet on other innovations, such as a bet on wireless networks (wifi, Bluetooth, Infrared, the possibility of synchronizing the DS laptop to alternative Command Mode…), thus achieving new ways and possibilities of squeezing and interacting with the games.

A console aimed at a wider audience delved into the “casual” game and invited the whole family to play, regardless of the ability of each one. Thus making it the perfect excuse to gather at home with friends and spend an afternoon of the most entertaining playing any video game from the extensive catalog of titles; in which, of course, the rules of the game had also changed. Adventure, water sports, field sports, and whatnot. Here are some of the best Wii Water sports games you will see below.

    1. Wii Water Sports
    • Jet Skiing Wii
    • Wakeboarding Wii
    • Wind Surfing Wii
    • Kite Surfing Wii
    • Balance Board Wii
    • Watercraft Racing Wii
    1. Wii Sports Resort
    2. Wii Go Vacation