Travel insurance is designed to cover potential costs such as cancellation fees, lost luggage, medical costs, etc. It is expensive until you need it! If your work schedule, health or personal issues increase the risk of having to cancel your vacation, you should consider purchasing travel insurance.

Some credit card issuers automatically include travel insurance coverage as one of the benefits to their cardholders, if you pay for your vacation with a credit card. You might want to check with your credit card issuer to determine if you have travel insurance coverage.

If your credit card does not provide automatic travel insurance coverage, you can purchase travel insurance from one of several different travel insurance companies for any Costa Rica vacation you book with us.

JD’s Watersports has a relationship with, which is a reputable travel insurance broker. allows you to get a quote for travel insurance from several different travel insurance companies in a very logical and organized format. This page will link you to’s website. Simply click on the link below to get started with that process. Please review the different quotes carefully, as they might have very different coverages and costs.

JD’s Watersports is not responsible for any information contained on any third party’s website or documents, including If you purchase travel insurance, you would purchase it through