1. Peniche: Surfing in Portugal

One of the best places in the world and certainly one of the most fascinating places in Europe to surf is definitely Peniche, in Portugal. The town became famous in 2009 when the famous Rip Curl sports clothing brand chose it as the seat of the Search, the famous surf event. Now no one would say it used to be a quiet fishing village.

Here experts will find beach breaks, point breaks, easy waves, and waves to make pipes. In addition, the temperate climate of this town makes it ideal for surfing all year round.

  1. Punta Pellaro: Kitesurfing on the Waters of the Strait of Messina

No need to go to the other end of the world for kiteboarding. In Italy, there are numerous locations where the wind has the perfect strength to let you get carried away by the comet. One of them is Reggio Calabria, in particular, Punta Pellaro, which has a wide beach that attracts kitesurfers from all over Italy and the rest of Europe.

Punta Pellaro is located just three kilometers south of Reggio Calabria airport, ten kilometers from the center of the city famous for the bronzes of Riace. The wind of the Strait of Messina is unique, as its intensity guarantees fun throughout the year. In the background, athletes can enjoy the Etna show.

  1. Paros: Windsurfing in Greek Waters

An ideal place to practice windsurfing is the Greek island of Paros, where there is never a lack of wind. The island’s trendy resort is New Golden Beach, where athletes from all over Europe and the rest of the world come. The windsurfing World Cup is held here every year. Windsurfing enthusiasts who want to train for the competitions will find here just what they are looking for, as the waves are always low.

  1. Valle de Aosta: Kayaking along the Dora Baltea River

One of the most interesting places in Italy and Europe to kayak is the Dora Baltea River in the Aosta Valley, also called the Colorado of Europe because of the power of its Rapids.

The river is usually quite busy, so it is recommended to start the descent early in the morning to avoid “bottlenecks.” Fans with little experience will find along the river several specialized centers where they will be able to rent the equipment and receive indications about the most recommended stretches depending on their level. One place that no kayak lover can miss is the impressive Gorges.

  1. Dubrovnik: A Game of Water Polo

Water polo is a team sport that is usually practiced in the pool, but there are some places where you can play a game in sea water in a unique environment. One of the most interesting is the Old Port of Dubrovnik.

The water polo Wild League is held here every summer, in which about 50 teams from the city and the surrounding area participate. The competition is lived with great passion and takes place in a spectacular setting. It was precisely in this port that some scenes from the Television Series Game Of Thrones were shot.

  1. Perth: Diving in Australia

It may not be necessary to go all the way to the end of the world to immerse yourself in stunning scenery, but the environment that the Australian city of Perth gives to scuba divers is a real luxury. Perth is a paradise of virgin nature and crystal clear waters. Just 20 kilometers from the city lies the attractive Rottnest Island, surrounded by the coral reef. The dives on this island are a fable.

  1. Rio de Janeiro: Stand up Paddle Surfing in Copacabana

Do you know to stand up paddle surf? Perhaps the name does not tell you anything, but the past summer saw many people who were practicing on the beach. If you want to try this sport or if you’ve already become fond of it, you can’t stop going to Rio de Janeiro.

The 6th place on Copacabana beach is the meeting place for fans of this ancient discipline that has become fashionable in recent times. Here the waves and the wind are much more benevolent than at other points of the beach, which allows sailing without a problem. If you want to get familiar with the board, you can start at the beaches of Urca and Arpoador, where the water barely moves.

  1. Norway: Rafting between gorges impressive

Norway is certainly the homeland of rafting. There is no shortage of watercourses, nor of the rapids and fun set in a magnificent landscape. The most famous place is the sjoa River, which runs vigorously from the Jotunheimen to the top of the Gudbrandsdalen Valley. It is possible to navigate this section without great difficulty, but the narrow gorges of ├ůseng and ├ůmot can also be accessed by raft.

  1. Abu Dhabi: Wakeboarding With a Speedboat

Have you ever considered wakeboarding in Abu Dhabi? The Al Forsan International Sports Resort is the first park in Arabia where you can practice wakeboarding, water skiing, and kneeboarding. The complex has two outdoor freshwater lakes, one for beginners and one for experts.

  1. Similan Islands: Diving in Thailand

The Thai islands of Similan are the most attractive place in the world for snorkeling. These islands are part of a natural park considered the best place in Thailand and the whole world to practice immersion in its corals, the interesting marine fauna and its white sandy beaches.