Tabacon Hot SpringsYou simply must experience Tabacon Hot Springs. It is one of the most beautiful places you’ll ever see. With views of Arenal Volcano, acres of tropical gardens, a great climate, and the soothing water of the river, most people consider this to be Paradise on Earth. Tabacon is incredible!

The Tabacon River begins inside Arenal Volcano. The magma heats the water to 101 degrees, which then flows through the base of the volcano down about 3/4 mile to Tabacon Hot Springs. From here the river splits into several smaller rivers, joining with cool water from a different river to make dozens of pools of varying temperatures, shapes and sizes. These rivers meander through acres of verdant tropical gardens, which creates a magical atmosphere.

Tabacon Hot SpringsAt the main part of the springs is this spectacular waterfall, where you can sit under the falls and let the hot water massage your neck and shoulders. Soak in the large main pool with a swim-up bar, or choose a number of other smaller pools with built-in lounges, little waterfalls, and cozy tubs hidden in the gardens. Surprisingly, there are very few mosquitos and insects! Kids and adults alike will love the small waterslide. The restaurant overlooks the main pool and falls, with views of the volcano.

Tabacon Hot SpringsIskandria Spa offers massages, mud facials, aromatherapy, and many other services in a private section of the hot springs.

You really need to spend a couple nights in the Arenal Volcano area to properly experience Tabacon Hot Springs. You will probably want to come back each night you are there. The best time to visit the hot springs is mid-afternoon to evening. The temperature is cool, the water is hot, and the lava flow is best seen at night!

You must visit Tabacon at least once in your life. Where else can you watch an erupting volcano while sitting in a hot springs drinking a PiƱa Colada? There is no other place like it on earth!