Sportfishing: Costa Rica has long been known for its World-class Sportfishing, particularly on the Central Pacific Coast from December – May. For more information about Sportfishing, please visit our extensiveSportfishingpages.

Inshore Fishing: Inshore fishing takes place on small boats on the ocean, close to shore. Typically, you will fish for Roosterfish, Jack Crevalle, snapper, tuna and dorado, amongst others. These species are found close to shore in and along underwater rock formations. Thus, smaller boats are necessary because they need to be highly maneuverable.

Excellent inshore fishing can be found all along the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica year-round. We can hook you up with the best captains in Costa Rica.


Tarpon & Snook Fishing: Tarpon and Snook are found in the brackish water at the mouths of rivers on theCaribbeanCoast of Costa Rica. World-class Tarpon and Snook fishing can be found throughout the year in this area.

Tarpon can exceed 200 pounds, but are normally in the 30-50 pound range. Snook are typically smaller, but thicker and somewhat aggressive fighters. Tarpon are almost always released, but you can keep and eat the snook.

Tarpon and Snook fishing is done on small bass-type boats with spinners and lures. You will either stand on the flat deck of the boat or sit in bass fishing chairs while fishing. These boats are open, so bring your hats and sunscreen.


Rainbow Bass (Guapote) Fishing: “Guapote,” which means “handsome” in English, are really ugly – the males have a large knob on their foreheads! Also known as Rainbow Bass, these fish are a member of the Ciclad family, and are not exceptionally strong fighters. Rainbow Bass are found in a few lakes in Costa Rica, particularly Lake Arenal nearArenal Volcano

This type of fishing is done on small bass boats with small spinners and lures. You will mostly cast along the shoreline, but you might also deep troll for a short time. Guapote are normally 3-5 pounds, with some up to 10 pounds. Most trips leave very early in the morning on Lake Arenal.

We do not consider Guapote fishing to be great. But it is a wonderful experience because Lake Arenal and Arenal Volcano are exceptionally beautiful, and the weather is usually great for fishing. You might enjoy being on Lake Arenal more than the fishing itself.