Very few destinations on Earth offer the diversity of Costa Rica. With 5 kinds of rainforests, 7 active volcanoes, pristine beaches, world-class Sportfishing, Whitewater Rafting, Hiking, Golf, Canopy Tours, Jungle River Cruises, Diving, Kayaking, Snorkeling and many other activities, Costa Rica has something for everyone.

We have organized our website into Regions, Highlights and Activities. This gives you several ways to plan where you want to go, what you want to see and what you want to do

Hotels are found within each region’s page. Even though we are familiar with almost every hotel in Costa Rica, we do not list all of them in this website. Rather, we have hand-selected a few hotels within each region based on our experience and our customer’s feedback. Please ask us about any hotel not listed here.

If you have questions about Costa Rica not covered in our website, we can answer them. We have current, accurate, first-hand knowledge of almost every hotel and activity in Costa Rica.
Websites and Guide Books are good sources for general information, but they don’t help you plan your vacation.
There are many details that go into effective vacation planning.We will help plan your vacation to create a logical, sensible itinerary that is customized for you. Vacation time is too precious to waste! Our expertise will result in an effortless, memorable vacation.

Steps to planning a successful Costa Rica vacation:

1. Review our website
2. Consider where you want to go
3. Consider what you want to see (Highlights
4. Consider what you want to do (Activities
5. CALL US!!! The best way to answer your questions is to talk with you on the phone, which is faster and easier than E-mail.