110 volts, nationwide service. US-style appliances work without the need for adapters.

What to Bring

The general tone is very casual – it is not necessary to dress up for dinner. Comfortable, lightweight apparel is best. Shorts, T-shirts and sandals are great for the beach. For hiking, bring light pants, sneakers or hiking shoes. Evenings can be cool in the highlands, so light sweaters or light coats might be needed.

Don’t wear valuable jewelry or carry large sums of cash. Definitely bring sunscreen for the beach!! Insect repellent is a good idea, although you probably will not use it much.


The unit of currency is the Colone. We recommend travelers checks, and exchanging them at your hotels, but many credit cards are widely accepted. ATM machines are NOT readily available, so don’t plan on getting cash this way while you are in Costa Rica. Passports are typically required to cash travelers checks.